Agenda: Standing Elsewhere,


Agenda website: Alaska (forthcoming)


Café Review: Mid-Summer


Cedar Rock: Brahms on the Woodpile


Dream Catcher: Trio, Expanding Universe, Vespers


Fire: Back North, Boat to the Sun


Iota: Break Down, Bead Curtains


The London Magazine: Night Walk


New Delta Review: I Collide with Saint Theresa and the Angel


Paterson Literary Review: Slot Machine, Luck


Pennine Ink: Work


Poetry Nottingham: Grasp of a Death, Unaccompanied Cello Suite


Poetry Review: Curse, Green Bananas, The Road Menders, Thanksgiving, Something/Nothing, Travel


Puerto del Sol: Fruit Trees 


The Rialto: What Goes On, Yorick’s, Apple


The Southern Review: Seamstress, Signals, Endlessly Rocking, On the Grass


Stand: Country Dance, Games


Staple: Lucca, That, Chamber Music, Hard Wood Fire, On looking at Turner’s oil on canvas of the Doge marrying the sea, Summer Solstice


The Times Literary Supplement: Windmills – Sails


Anthology of Magazine Verse/Yearbook of American Poetry – 1984: Brahms on the Woodpile


Poets Against the War Anthology, Sam Hamill ed.: Denial


The New York Times Book of Verse, Thomas Lask, ed., Query


Geoffrey Dearmer Award (Poetry Review) 2004: Green Bananas


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